Biblinos Red


Biblinos is produced from an unidentified red variety, originally found in the area of Pangeon. After years of research and DNA testing, it turns out to be an old variety that is nonidentical to any modern Greek or foreign grape. Traditional red vinification methods were used to produce this unique dry wine, which is aged in oak barrels for 12 months. It has a deep violet-red colour. Enjoy it now at 16-18°C or keep cellared for up to a decade or longer.

Current Vintage

current-crop 2016
Biblinos Red


Biblinos Red opens up with a dense yet sweet and flowery perfume of ripe raspberries and rose petals.


On the palate, luscious red fruits persist together with chocolate ganache and dried herbs, which give this wine an elegant structure and a lengthy aftertaste.


It is the right match to a variety of dishes such as meat casseroles, pot-roasts and mature cheeses.

Current Vintage

current-crop 2016

awards Awards

Wine Magazine China 2023/
Vintage '15 / Bronze Medal
Interwine China 2022/
Vintage '15 / Silver Medal
Decanter 2013/
Vintage '09 / Bronze Medal

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