The winter of 2022-2023 was mild with relatively high temperatures and little rainfalls. Instead, spring started with cold temperatures and lots of rains. Thus, the beginning of the vegetative season of the vines at the foot of Pangeon took place at the beginning of April. Then during the spring and until the first ten days of July, the weather was very cool, with lots of rains, which ensured the right amount of water for the growth of the vine. But because of the above rainfalls, the risk of disease was higher and, to avoid it every day, a day was needed during the work of the vineyard. After the 10th of July and for about a month we had heatwaves, without the presence of rain and the ripening of the grapes finally started at the end of July.

The harvesting of the white varieties began on 21st of August with the Sauvignon Blanc, continued with the Chardonnay, Vidiano and Semillon varieties and ended on 25th of September with the Assyrtiko. The ripening of the white grapes progressed smoothly and led to the creation of very aromatic wines, with good structure, excellent acidity, balance and particular freshness.

 The harvest of the red varieties began with the Pinot Noir on August 19 and continued on September 10 with the harvest of the Merlot. This was followed by the harvest of the Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Agiorgitiko, which also progressed smoothly and was completed on October 5. The red wines that will be produced are expected to be aromatic, fruity, with an intense color and a good presence of phenolic components, a velvety feel and excellent structure. It is worth noting that during the harvest we had very little rain, which helped in the excellent harvest of the grapes without any problems.

In general, the 2023 harvest will give us wines of high quality, characterized by a rich, aromatic and velvety taste. The quantity is expected to be the same as that of 2021. Thus 2023 is characterized as an exceptional year for the Pangeon region despite the special weather conditions that prevailed during the spring and summer. This is a result of the proper management of the vine during the vegetative period.

It is the year of the viticulturist.